Hi there.  Been awhile.  I’m disappointed that I haven’t taken the time to record here what I’ve been thinking about and doing.  For my own sake, really — the personal history in the archives of this blog has already become precious to me, as sparse as it is.  I want to be better at writing things down.

Let’s see — the life updates since I last posted are as follows:

  • We left our church.  This development is probably worthy of several blog posts on its own, but long story short: M worked as a minister at a church for several years, he resigned last Spring, and while we continued attending through the Summer and Fall, that became increasingly difficult.  We finally left late last year, and doing so has been very freeing.  I may write more on this at some point, but for now, I can’t really overstate the peace we have been experiencing since walking away from what was a very unhealthy situation.
  • We met with a new RE and got a second opinion on our options.  He agreed that an IUI cycle with injectables is an extreme first step that doesn’t make a lot of sense considering what we know so far.  We liked this doctor much more, which is a great start.  We’re now considering whether it makes sense to proceed with a natural cycle IUI (unlikely to work, but minimally invasive) or a laparascopy to check for mild endometriosis (fairly invasive procedure, but if mild endo is present and removed, could improve our chances for getting pregnant naturally).   We’re not in a rush to decide at this point, but will probably proceed with a Plan in the coming months.
  • I’m still loving my new job.  M is officially “all but dissertation” and teaching classes, which he loves.
  • I’m running more, and training for a ten-mile race in April. 
  • I’ve been reading a lot, and thinking a lot about our situation.  Now I just have to record it so I don’t lose these thoughts.  But the general theme would be “Not Obsessing” or maybe “Hey, Some People have Real Problems.”  Not to minimize infertility…but to try to be better at contextualizing what this struggle means for me and for my general life and worth as a person.  I believe this is a good thing, but something I still need to sort out. 

I’m thankful, once again, for this space and for those of you who read my ramblings.