I already haven’t been posting as much as I would like, but this week I’m at the beach and haven’t had a chance to read and comment on other blogs either.  (I will catch up once I return).

In boring cycle news, I appear to be having an annovulatory cycle.  I’m almost one week late, but have no odd symptoms so don’t believe I’m pregnant.  I plan to take another test in a few days if my period hasn’t shown up, but I’m not anticipating a positive test.  (I took one test that I blogged about, then another this past Friday.)  My cycles tend to be fairly regular (though long at around 33 days), but at about this same time last year, I had an anovulatory/super long cycle that lasted 107 days.  I don’t know if it’s something about Spring coming or what, but I have a feeling the same thing may be happening this time around.  Oh well. 

Work has been extremely busy over the past several weeks, and based on a court order entered yesterday, it appears that April will be equally busy.  I am definitely not complaining, as I’m still very glad to have a job considering all of the lawyers that have been laid off over the past several months.  So keeping in mind how crazy things will be once I return, I’m trying to unwind as much as I can this week, doing my best to not let my thoughts wander to all the work that needs to be done once I return.  This doesn’t come naturally (but wine helps).  🙂

Some things I’d like to blog about once I have time:

  • conversations with M about treatment options
  • treatment options being so hard to choose with so much unknown (why can’t I have a crystal ball or fortune teller to say that YES, we need treatments to ever have a hope of a baby or NO, we should just wait because we’ll eventually get pregnant on our own?)
  • disappointing yearly appointment with a new OB
  • request for recommendations for natural (maybe NaPro?) treatment options prior to doing any “official” treatments such as Clomid or IUI.  Mostly because I’d like to try to treat whatever our problem is first, rather than throwing the standard medications at us even though they may not be suited to our particular situation.  But maybe I’m being unrealistic?  Does anyone have any experience with this?
  • Fighting the urge to fade out of friendships or other relationships once the friends have children, while we remain childless.

There’s my stream of consciousness list–if anyone has any early thoughts or advice, I would appreciate it.